Chandi Ka Lota Big

Chandi Ka Lota 3kg

This Lota is a container of rose water which use to wash the Mazar Mubarak in yearly basis. In URS Shareef (Muslim Calendar Rajab Month) this Lota are used to wash the Mazar Shareef with rose water every year.

It’s been 800+ year ago but this process is endless we still wash Mazar Mubark with the same process as our elder done before with no changes are applied. Every year Mazar Shareef washed with Lota of rose water which made of 3kg pure silver 999.9 purity. This Lota is bigger in size which help to hold more water at a time. After washing the Mazar Mubarak, we distribute the total used water in pilgrims as Tabarrku. 


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